Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program Focus
Future Builders’ tobacco prevention and awareness program focuses on the dangerous effects of the use of tobacco products among disparate groups, including women who are pregnant and those who are HIV positive; smoking and mental health, aging, cessation, and counter-marketing the glamorization of smoking in the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBTQ) community.

Coalition Purpose
To assist Future Builders with identifying ways to promote tobacco free homes, businesses and the environment in Ashley, Bradley, Cleveland, Drew, Jefferson, Grant and Lincoln counties.

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program Activities
1. Implement nationally recognized tobacco control observance events.
2. Stop tobacco-related disparities among African Americans, seniors, pregnant women, LGBTQ and individuals with mental health issues.
3. Solicit & secure community partnerships that help with outreach and development of local collaborations.
4. Use mass media to promote announcements and activities to stop tobacco use.

Coalition Member Responsibilities
1. Attend (quarterly) virtual and/or face-to-face coalition meetings.
2. Make suggestions that will help obtain program objectives and activities.
3. Assist with identifying individuals that will benefit from program activities.
4. Help to promote activities when possible.